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olx customer care number

1860 258 3333 is the olx customer care number. You can call anytime between (10:00 am – 7:00 pm).

Olx customer care toll-free number you can call anytime. The olx team always ready to help their customers.

Website: OLX

Olx is a top online exchange platform for buying and selling services and goods like mobile phones, laptops, furniture, cars, bikes, etc.

Olx establishes in 2006 headquartered in Amsterdam, and this company is owned by prosus. 

Olx provides its online exchange services in 45 countries. 

Olx has more than 25 million listings and 200 million monthly active users around the world.

Reasons why olx customers like you called recently

The ad did not run despite paying for it

if any fraud happens with customers

Paid for an ad and never run

Online fraud is happening after posting

After a time just blocked my account

After a time, just blocked my account and forced me to change the password. Why, just like that, forced, no advice, no asked?

Why Do People Call olx customer care number?

Here are some common reasons why people use olx.in customer care number or olx customer care complaint number.

  • If someone needs technical support
  • Request for redound and change olx ads
  • The payment was completed, but the ad not run.
  • Any fraud happens with olx customers.
  • How can report an about seller or fake ads?

Customers general queries related to the olx

How can logout olx from all logged devices?

Olx introduces a new feature- now, the users can log out easily from all the devices. 

This feature increases the security and discretion to log out from the Olx app and re-login accordingly.

Here are the steps to logout from all devices

Open olx and go to My account

Click on settings

Now click on the logout from all devices option

After that, tap on continue, and you will logout automatically from all devices.

How can you share your location in chat?

Olx make this far easy from the last year. Here are the steps:

Open the app and tap on the chatbox

Press on share location

After that select the location that you want to share.

Why am I not able to see my chats?

Here are some common reasons why you are not able to see your chats.

Make sure you logged in to olx?

You have to log in to see your chat. If you still do not see chat, then you can contact with olx customer care complaint number.

Update App: Sometimes, the app is not updated; that’s why this error is coming. So check your app and update the app.

Clear web cookies: There is another way to see your chats is clear web cookies because sometimes web cookies make trouble to open and use apps properly.

Can other people see who I’m following?

You can easily contact and see other old users and stay updated about new postings on Olx.

When you use olx and come across with the other olx user’s profiles, then there is an option to the follower and the following number and see the posts.

Here are the simple steps to do this.

Open the box and click on ads that you are interested in.

olx customer care new no

Scroll down and click on see profile.

olx customer care number 24 hours

The olx user profile will show, and you can check the number of followers and follow.

olx customer care phone number

You can become a follower by clicking follow and see all the post that he posted on Olx.

olx customer care

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